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15 Examples Of Applied And Appropriate Technologies
15 Examples Of Applied And Appropriate Technologies
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Examples of Appropriate and Applied Technologies - Do you want to be a part of the future? There are many ways that technology can help us live better lives. We're passionate about our work and hope that you join us in our endeavor to make the world a better environment through the use of appropriate and effective technology.







There are many possibilities when it comes to examples of applied and appropriate technologies. That's why we work hard every day to discover new ways for people around the world to improve health and education, Highly recommended Webpage the environment and the economy using simple technology that anyone can use. .









It's not only about making life easier but also about making opportunities available to everyone on the planet. It means that regardless of which part of the world you live in or how much money you have there's always something that you can do for your benefit.









It doesn't require any advanced degrees or expensive equipment all it takes is creativity and curiosity! If you have both of these, then you can do anything with the right and appropriate technology. This article will provide more information about the Applied and Appropriate Technology!.









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15 examples of Applied and Appropriate Technologies in Daily Life





Let's take a look at some examples of precise technologies that we could claim to utilize in our everyday lives. They help in effectiveness in efficiency, productivity, and efficiency. Take a look!.









1. Lifestraw





This is a device that is able to cleanse water and allow users to drink directly from it. The Lifestraw is simple to use and inexpensive to purchase. It is an easy-to-use tool that is not powered. This tool is used to get rid of bacteria and dirt from the running water.









The effectiveness of this device is about 99.999 percent, resulting in drinking water that isn't infected with harmful bacteria. It is considered to be the most original invention of 2005 and is also the most ingenious prize in Europe. The tool is constructed from a straw that is used by sucking water that is dirty and changing it into a drink that is able to be consumed directly.









2. Filter for Water Filter





This tool is an effective water purifier. This tool is very helpful in specific areas or locations where water is not clean daily. Can also directly catch rainwater. So the rainwater that is drained out of the tile can be used to drink.









This water purifier is accessible to everyone since the process is simple and utilizes simple equipment and supplies. Some of the equipment and components employed to construct these filters need large containers such as used containers, like gallons or buckets.









These components include coconut coir, charcoal and gravel. They also include fibers, and sponges. Components are placed in rows, starting from the top sponge to the highest. The tool is then in good condition to purify the water.









3. Vacuum Cleaner from Bottles Used





The process of making this vacuum cleaner requires several items such as cans and bottles, glue cloth used as a container, and a motor. This easy vacuum cleaner will ease your daily tasks. Furthermore the technology can help you save both time and money. Traditional vacuum cleaners can be costly.









4. Hydraulic Pump





They are typically employed by rural communities to make use of the water that flows through lakes, rivers or streams in addition to other locations. This pump is very beneficial for farmers who live in mountains, hills or on land that is far distance from the water source.









The pump can draw more water due to the power of the hydraulic head in this section. In addition to being extremely helpful for domestic use the pump is green. It will therefore not make use of wasteful fuel.









5. Fertilizer Spreading Machine





This machine could aid farmers in rural areas distribute fertilizer evenly across the area in a short period of time. With this machine, it doesn't regardless of the size of the land is, there shouldn't be a issue with this machine.









This distribution of fertilizers can assist farmers in reducing the need for additional labor to transport fertilizers to fields. Farmers will be able to reduce time and cost in the process of fertilizing their crops.









6. Water Pump Using Bicycle





The pump has an easy to operate mechanism. It can be used to drain water using the hose pipe connection that connects the fields. It is connected through the back of the bicycle with the electric device.









When you ride your bicycle, water is released into the hose. This water pump for bicycle can produce 40 Liters of water in just one minute.









7. Simple Fan





This fan is made of recycled items. Different products are utilized.



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